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Susanna Steisel
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Robert Sargent Fay
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Roberta Nusim, Youth Media International
Beth McNeal, Youth Media International
For Mark Twain film credits, please see Film Credits.
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Brad Johnson
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Michele Israel
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David Waingarten
Special thanks to the following image contributors:
The Mark Twain House, Hartford
The Mark Twain Project, Bancroft Library
The Center for Mark Twain Studies, Elmira College
The Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum, Hannibal
Nick Karanovich
The Bishop Museum
Mission Houses Museums
The Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society
Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
California Historical Society
Connecticut Historical Society
Hawaiian Historical Society
Nevada Historical Society
The Society of California Pioneers
University of Virginia
The George Eastman House
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Karen Kenton, Manager, Cultural Programming, WETA
Robert Sargent Fay
Roberta Nusim, Beth McNeal,
and the staff of YMI for their assistance and educational materials
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The Pew Charitable Trusts
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