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Tom Sawyer's Days 1835-1853
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Setting the Scene

“Saturday morning was come, and all the summer would was bright and fresh, and brimming with life. There was a song in every heart; and if the heart was young, the music issued at the lips. There was cheer in every face and a spring in every step. The locust trees were in bloom and the fragrance of the blossoms filled the air. Cardiff Hill, beyond the village and above it, was green with vegetation, and it lay just far enough away to seem a Delectable Land, dreaming, reposeful, and inviting.”—Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, 1876

Hannibal, MO
Hannibal, MO
Courtesy of The Mark Twain Project,
Bancroft Library, Berkeley
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“Increasing the population by 1%”
Boyhood Home, 1883
Boyhood Home, 1883
Courtesy of The Mark Twain
House, Hartford

Mrs. John Marshall Clemens
Mrs. John Marshall Clemens
Courtesy of The Nevada
Historical Society

“I was always told that I was a sickly and precarious and tiresome and uncertain child, and lived mainly on allopathic medicines during the first seven years of my life. I asked my mother about this, in her old age—she was in her 88th year—and said: ‘I suppose that during all that time you were uneasy about me?’
‘Yes, the whole time.’
‘Afraid I wouldn’t live?’
After a reflective pause-ostensibly to think out the facts:
‘No—afraid you would.’
It sounds like plagiarism, but it probably wasn’t.”

Mark Twain, Autobiography, posthumous