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Mark Twain
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Mark Twain Interactive Scrapbook 'A valuable book. Just what is needed' - About the Scrapbook
Mark Twain was a lifelong creator and keeper of scrapbooks. He took them with him everywhere and filled them with souvenirs, pictures, and articles about his books and performances. But in time, he grew tired of the lost glue, rock-hard paste, and the swearing that resulted from the standard scrapbook process. So, he came up with the idea of printing thin strips of glue on the pages to make updates neat and easy to do. In 1872, he patented his “self-pasting” scrapbook, and by 1901, at least 57 different types of his albums were available. It would be his only invention that ever made money.

Inspired by his invention, this interactive scrapbook tells Twain’s life story through a collection of texts, photos, illustrations, and clippings from his day. To begin exploring, click one of the chapters to the right.

I. Tom Sawyer Days 1835-1853: Boyhood in Hannibal, Missouri
II. Old Times On The Mississippi 1857-1860: Life as a Riverboat Pilot
III. Roughing It 1860-1864 : A Writer Comes of Age
IV. The Trouble Starts at Eight 1865-1866: On Stage For the First Time
V. The Gilded Age 1869-1871: Love, Marriage and Writing Huck Finn
VI. A Connecticut Yankee 1872-1891: Reaching His Peak
VIII. A Tramp Abroad 1891-1901: Twain as Traveler
VIII. The Belle of New York 1901-1908: The Celebrated Mark Twain
IX. The Mysterious Stranger 1908-1910: The Humorist and the Afterlife