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Directions: Simply text the word MOYERS to the number (short code) 47647 and receive show updates and a quote of the week to spark discussion. After opting-in you'll start to receive a text reminder for each week's show highlighting our guest and providing you with a quote every Friday morning. If you want to stop receiving our show reminders simply text the word STOP, QUIT, OUT, or UNSUBSCRIBE in response. (Keep in mind standard SMS charges from the recipient's wireless carrier may apply depending on your wireless SMS plan.)


Directions: Don't have an ipod? Call on FAITH & REASON and learn how to listen to FAITH & REASON podcasts right over your cellphone*. It's simple as you can download the latest podcast right to your phone by first clicking the button below. Then enter your cell number and you'll receive a text message with a downloadable link (use the "GO TO" function to open the link over your phone and listen away). Click on the button below to begin and click on it each Friday to get our latest podcast.

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* Note listening to podcasts over your cell phone is a free service provided by our partner VoiceIndigo that uses both SMS and the mobile internet, so standard charges for SMS or data from the recipient's wireless carrier may apply, depending on their wireless plan.

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