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Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason is collaborating with Beliefnet, the largest spiritual Web site, to expand the conversation on faith and reason. To see more clips of Faith & Reason, participate in discussion groups, and explore further the many issues raised in the series visit Beliefnet.

Take our weekly Faith & Reason/Beliefnet Poll:

Are you optimistic that religiously based conflicts will end?

I beliveve they will end, but only in the distant future

I believe they will end in my lifetime

I don't believe they will ever end

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See the results from previous polls:

Which is the bigger threat to society?

Religious fundamentalism: 93%

Secularism: 7%

What should the proper role of faith be in ending conflict and unifying people in the world today?

Faith only exacerbates conflicts and has no role in ending them: 68%

We can only solve these problems with faith: 32%

Do you believe that religion has done more good or bad in the world?

More good: 18%

More bad: 58%

It's an even draw: 25%

Which best describes your attitude toward faith and reason:

If they're ever in conflict, I trust reason: 60%

If they're ever in conflict, I trust my faith: 16%

They're never in conflict: 24%

Which plays a greater role in your life: faith or reason?

Faith: 11%

Reason: 57%

They plan an equal role: 32%

Should religion play a bigger or a smaller role in politics than it currently does?

Bigger role: 5%

Smaller role: 90%

Same role: 5%

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