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March 7, 2008

It's time once again to take a look at some of the comments you've been sending to us at the journal. You've been writing and we've been reading.

First, our conversation with MSNBC's Keith Olbermann had many of you talking about his strong ideas on politics, the media, and the future of our country.

KEITH OLBERMANN (ON COUNTDOWN): "I accuse you, Mr. Bush, of lying this country into war. I accuse you of fabricating in the minds of your own people..)

KEITH OLBERMANN: When I get angry on the air, it's because I'm angry about that particular subject and because of the revision of this country that has been done under our noses for the last seven years against the will of the people...

I applaud Keith Olbermann for many excellent commentaries. I think it's important to understand that censorship can occur in many ways. Censorship can occur not only in terms of the falsehoods on the right but in the limitations and the subtle innuendoes in the left-liberal press.
Nathaniel Heidenheimer

Keith Olbermann, photo by Robin Holland Sometimes Olbermann tends to be a bit over-zealous when criticizing all things Bush or Fox and O'Reilly, and this is where he gets himself in "journalistic" trouble, providing lots of material for the right to use against him. I do like his show, but don't like when he falls into the same bombastic nonsense as the loud mouths on the right.

You presented Olbermann's "side" as if there are two sides to truth. You presented him as just being on one side...liberals. That's shallow for a journalist. It wasn't about liberal versus conservative as you suggest, but truth versus lies from this administration. Olbermann is not presenting a liberal view, he is responding to the lies these conservatives are spouting on all the other media shows. Not picking sides Bill...speaking truth. Why don't you know that?
Joseph Bacon

And as election season heats up and campaign ads fill the airwaves, here are some of your comments about the money that the media giants are making off our democratic process.

BROOKS JACKSON: I think in too many cases broadcasters and cable outlets are making huge amounts of money from running these political ads. Which in many cases are false and misleading.

I would like to suggest that the awarding of broadcast licenses have a provision of free time for political debates to secure a license. The American people have been ill served by our government in allowing our airwaves to be monopolized by just a few corporate behemoths. Nothing will change until we force the issue by focusing on the matter at every opportunity.
Saul P. Heller

I believe you missed the most obscene point: for months now the same media has been dictating to the American public that the winner is the candidate with the most dollars to spend.
Nancy Hansen

Is it fair to suggest that big media loves elections like contractors love wars? Your piece today certainly allows one to think along those lines. Luca Menato

Finally, professor ron walters' interview sparked a debate about race and the presidency.

Ron Walters, photo by Robin Holland BILL MOYERS: Can Obama win?

RONALD WALTERS: Mathematically and analytically there's the chance, yes, that he could win. When you look at the history of this country and the history of racism and race in particular there is a huge, huge doubt that he will eventually become president of the United States.

Dr. Ronald Walters is very bright and articulate but seems overly pessimistic and cynical. Such a depth of knowledge of black history seems to prevent Dr. Walters from believing that a black man will ever be elected president. It is sad to think that after four decades, some are so suspect of true positive change that they cannot and will not believe that such change is possible.
Susan Garvan

I think this program misses the point about who could or should be elected president. The question should not be about someone's race or sex, but who they are as a person, and what they believe. I must say, from what I see, Clinton and Obama are more of the same, politics as usual. Just because they aren't white men doesn't mean their priorities are going to be any different.
Paul Andersen

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Guest photos by Robin Holland

Published on March 7, 2008.

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You've been writing and we've been reading.

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