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August 17, 2007

"Yes, children can lie. But when they tell stories, fanciful as they may be, to that child, they're unfolding a truth."

Martin E. Marty serves as the Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at the University of Chicago, where he has taught primarily at the Divinity School for over 35 years.

Upon Professor Marty's retirement in 1998, the Divinity School renamed its Institute for the Advanced Study of Religion, which Marty founded back in 1979, The Martin Marty Center. He specializes in late eighteenth and twentieth-century American religion.

Among his many directorships include heading the Fundamentalism Project of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Public Religion Project at the University of Chicago.

Marty has written over 50 books, including RIGHTEOUS EMPIRE, winner of the National Book Award, the three volume, MODERN AMERICAN RELIGION, and THE ONE AND THE MANY: AMERICA'S SEARCH FOR THE COMMON GOOD.

His most recent book, THE MYSTERY OF THE CHILD, explores what it means to be a child, to feel youthful and childlike, even in the twilight of one's life:

"I think that notion that you spend your life finding ways to change and become like a little child means you will be more open to mystery, more responsive to others, more receptive."

Some of Marty's numerous awards and honors include the National Humanities Medal, the National Book Award, the Medal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the University of Chicago Alumni Medal, the Distinguished Service Medal of the Association of Theological Schools, and the Order of Lincoln Medallion (Illinois' top honor). He has received 72 honorary doctorates.

Professor Marty is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Martin Marty with Family

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References and Reading:
Read ON FAITH, Martin Marty's Blog for NEWSWEEK ONLINE

The Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School
Officially opening in 1979, the Martin Marty Center is the institute for advanced research in all fields of the study of religion at the University of Chicago Divinity School." Martin Marty's Web site
Read articles, lectures, biography information, visit links to his many ongoing projects, and find out of Dr. Marty's forthcoming engagements.

Sightings: Martin Marty's weekly email column
"Under the editorship of Jeremy Biles, and the sponsorship of the Martin Marty Center, Sightings reports and comments on the role of religion in public life via e-mail twice a week to a readership of over 5,000.""

Park Ridge Center
Martin Marty is the founding president of the Center and is currently the George B. Caldwell Senior-Scholar-in-Residence there. The Park Ridge Center explores and enhances the interaction of health, faith, and ethics through research, education and consultation to improve the lives of individuals and communities.

Read an excerpt from Dr. Marty's bi-monthly newsletter, CURRENT (pdf)

Listen to Martin Marty's Interview on "Speaking of Faith" on AMERICAN PUBLIC RADIO, November 2, 2006

Watch Martin Marty on the Video Podcast, Pop!Tech
"Pop!Tech is a one-of-a-kind conference, a community of remarkable people, and an ongoing conversation about science, technology and the future of ideas."

"What's Wrong with Rights For Children"
Watch Martin Marty's Keynote Address delivered at the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University

Read an interview with Martin Marty from the Jewish Magazine, TIKKUN
"There's no way to be in the world without a belief system. The issue is what goes with the belief system. If somebody is teaching out of evolutionary studies that the consequence of the evolutionary process is that evolution is the be all and end all of existence, and they surround that with ceremonial reinforcement and metaphysical sanctions, then it's evolution being taught as religion."

Listen to Martin Marty in FRESH AIR with TERRY GROSS, February 24, 2004

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Listen to this sermon by Martin Marty from Worship In Wait at Wakeforest University

Martin Marty on RELIGION AND ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY, April 3, 1998

Read the transcript of Martin Marty's interview on THE NEWSHOUR WTIH JIM LEHRER, June 4, 1998

Guest photo by Robin Holland

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