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Karl Rove
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August 17, 2007

Karl Rove, senior advisor to President Bush, announced on August 13th that he plans on leaving the White House at the end of the month to spend more time with his family.

"I just think it's time," remarked Mr. Rove, the man who 14 years ago helped to get George W. Bush elected governor in Texas, and continued by his side through two tough presidential elections, a 2002 Republican midterm election victory, and more recently amidst political setbacks for an Administration with record-low approval ratings.

The Senate Judiciary Committee recently subpoenaed Mr. Rove, hoping he would help shed light on the firing of federal prosecutors, but President Bush rejected the subpoena on the grounds of executive privilege.

"After I leave the White House...the advice that I've given the President, my role within the White House remains protected," Rove explains to reporters. "I do not lose privilege by leaving the White House, just as former Presidents don't lose the privilege when they leave the White House."

Josh Miller, senior editor for THE ATLANTIC, recently opined for THE NEW YORK TIMES about "the paradox" he observes at the heart of Karl Rove's White House tenure:

"Mr. Rove married a liberal's faith in the potential of government to a conservative's contempt for its actual functioning. This was the contradiction at the heart of 'compassionate conservatism,' and it helps explain the tension between the president's fine words about, say, helping those hurt by Hurricane Katrina, and his actions."

When asked about unfinished business, Rove remarked:

"There's a robust set of issues that we're dealing with. And, again, I'd love to be around for them. In a way, I'll be kibitzing from the outside -- he [President Bush] knows my phone number and I know his."
References and Reading:
Building a Coalition, Forgetting to Rule
by David Frum, THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 14, 2007
"Mr. Rove answered his chosen question by courting carefully selected constituencies with poll-tested promises: tax cuts for traditional conservatives; the No Child Left Behind law for suburban moderates; prescription drugs for anxious seniors; open immigration for Hispanics; faith-based programs for evangelicals and Catholics."

The Mark of Rove
by Paul A. Gigot, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL August 14, 2007
"Mr. Rove doesn't say, though others do, that this timing also allows him to leave on his own terms. He has survived a probe by a remorseless special counsel, and lately a subpoena barrage from Democrats for whom he is the great white whale. He shows notable forbearance in declining to comment on prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who dragged him through five grand jury appearances. He won't even disclose his legal bills, except to quip that 'every one has been paid' and that 'it was worth every penny'."

How Rove Hoped to Avoid Capitol Hill
by Paul Kane, THE WASHINGTON POST, August 13, 2007
"The critical question is now whether Rove's resignation will make it any more likely that he will appear on Capitol Hill to answer questions about the scandal or any of the off-shoot investigations spawned by the U.S. attorneys investigation."

White House Roundtable Discussion with Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the President, August 13, 2007

Rove - Decider or Divider?
by Deborah J Saunders, THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, August 14, 2007
"Rove has a point when he talks about Democrats who never wanted Bush to win and worked to undermine success. But it doesn't matter. To get things done, great men find ways to win over their rivals and make them partners. History won't care who called whom names. History cares who got the job done."

FRONTLINE - Karl Rove: The Architect, 2005
Watch FRONTLINE's and THE WASHINGTON POST'S 2005 documentary on Karl Rove's career as "architect" of the Bush White House.

BBC NEWS - Profile: Karl Rove
Political visionary or ruthless tactician - whatever the description, Karl Rove's influence on US politics has been beyond doubt.

Rove, Still Under Subpoena, Remains Unlikely to Testify
by David Johnston, THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 14, 2007
"The White House has said Mr. Rove did not instigate the dismissals of the United States attorneys and had little role in the matter. But evidence of his involvement has surfaced in e-mail and other communications released by the Justice Department."

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