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Glenn Greenwald
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December 12, 2008

Bill Moyers sits down with political commentator and blogger Glenn Greenwald who asks: Are we a nation ruled by men or by laws? As the administration is set to change, Glenn Greenwald has been looking at the legacy of the Bush Administration, the prospects for President-elect Obama's cabinet choices, and the possibilities for government accountability. In his December 8, 2008 blog entry "Top Democrat urges "continuity" for CIA, DNI and interrogation policies," Greenwald lays out what worries him most about the changing of the legal guard of the nation:
While virtually all of the Bush agenda over the last eight years ended up being deeply unpopular and profoundly discredited, it was his foreign policy and intelligence programs (torture, rendition, illegal surveillance, war) which caused the most intense opposition, at least among Democratic voters. That is a large part of why Democrats just won their second straight national election promising to oppose Bush's policies and to implement "change." It was the policies implemented and overseen by Bush's Pentagon, CIA and "homeland security" apparatus that caused the most disgrace. "Continuity" in those areas would be nothing less than a patent betrayal of everything Democrats, over the last two years, told the citizenry they intended to do.

>Check out the JOURNAL's coverage of torture, executive power, civil liberties and the rule of law.

Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald, Photo by Robin HollandGlenn Greenwald is a former constitutional lawyer and currently a Contributing Writer at, where he maintains the highly popular political and legal blog Unclaimed Territory. He is also the author of three books: the NEW YORK TIMES-bestsellers HOW WOULD A PATRIOT ACT? (2006) and TRAGIC LEGACY (2007), and his 2008 release, GREAT AMERICAN HYPOCRITES.

Greenwald began his blog October, 2005 and it quickly became one of the most widely read on the Internet. With a daily readership in excess of 100,000, and ranked in Technorati's Top 50 most-cited blogs, Greenwald has become one of the web's most influential political writers, with one of the Internet's largest and most loyal readerships. In September, 2008, NEW YORK MAGAZINE named him one of America's 40 most popular and widely-cited political pundits.

His work has been cited by numerous members of Congress and Congressional reports; his journalism has been credited by THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES and multiple other publications; and he has regularly appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show, Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, various NPR and C-SPAN shows, and numerous other shows.

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References and Reading:
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Browse through the complete archive and also hear Glenn Greenwald on radio.

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Published December 12, 2008

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Bill Moyers sits down with political commentator and blogger Glenn Greenwald who asks: Are we a nation ruled by men or by laws? A former constitutional and civil rights lawyer, Greenwald looks at the legacy of the Bush Administration, the prospects for President-elect Obama's cabinet choices, as well as the possibilities for government accountability.

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