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Are you an informed and engaged citizen? Bill Moyers returns to investigative journalism with MOYERS ON AMERICA, a series of three documentaries on issues affecting democracy — money in politics, the environment, and internet neutrality. You can connect, reflect, and respond to these hotly-debated topics by joining the MOYERS ON AMERICA Citizens Class. This national dialogue will take a hard look at some of today's most pressing issues and ask: What do you think?

The workshop offers multi-media discussion and reference material summarizing the key aspects of differing perspectives; posing questions for reflection, consideration and response; and stimulating a deep and thoughtful dialogue about the issues raised in the series. Tools available to help you organize a MOYERS ON AMERICA Citizens Class

Select a Class:

Is God Green?

Religion & Environmentlearn

What do you believe is your responsibility, if any, to the environment?

Religion and Politicslearn
How does your faith or religion or spirituality affect your perspective of environmentalism or creation care?

Common Ground?learn
What happens to our democracy when our affiliation with particular organizations or groups inhibits our ability to disagree?

Your Environmentlearn
Where does federal responsibility end for environmental protection?

The Net @ Risk

The New Digital Dividelearn
How has the Internet impacted your life?

Net Neutralitylearn
What principles should drive our policies regarding technology?

Community Connectionslearn
Is wireless internet access a civic right?

Big, Bigger, Biggest Medialearn
Do you think that media consolidation is a problem?

Capitol Crimes

Abramoff, Inc. learn
After the Abramoff fallout — how do you feel about your representatives?

The Land of Lobbylearn
Have any issues you care about or organizations you support ever engaged in lobbying either with a paid professional or as a grass-roots movement?

Congressional Ethicslearn
What specific concerns, if any do you have about Congressional ethics policies and practices?

Fixing the Systemlearn
How would you reform the American political system?