Moyers on America
Capitol Crimes     Is God Green?     The Net at Risk


MOYERS ON AMERICA features lesson plans for high school students related to "Capitol Crimes," which deals and political manipulation and opening a disturbing window on the dark side of American politics. "Is God Green?" which looks at the implications of a debate among conservative evangelical Christians, a politically powerful group, over the handling of the environment. And "The Net at Risk," which reports on how mega-media corporations could restrict the democratic possibilities of the Web's new future.

With the MOYERS ON AMERICA series, we also inaugurate the Citizens Class, an extensive, interactive curriculum designed to encourage and facilitate public discourse on the issues raised in the series. The workshop features multimedia discussions, reference materials on the key perspectives presented in the program, and questions for further reflection — all designed to stimulate deep and thoughtful community dialogue. Interested? Check it out.

Please also see our high school lesson plans related to BILL MOYERS ON FAITH & REASON. The entire series is streamed online!

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