The Program

In this series, Michael Wood goes in search of four of the world's most famous myths. These gripping adventures take the viewer to some of the most extraordinary places on earth, exploring stories that have captivated the world for thousands of years. Click below for information on the episodes, the filmmakers and the schedule.

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Episode Guide

Read more and watch video clips from the four episodes: The Queen of Sheba, In Search of Shangri-La, Arthur: The Once and Future King and Jason and the Golden Fleece. Go>


The Filmmakers

Michael Wood is the writer and presenter of many critically acclaimed series on television. Rebecca Dobbs is a founder director of Maya Vision and has produced or directed over 50 films for cinema and television. Go>

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Stations & Showtimes

The Queen of Sheba and Arthur: The Once & Future King air November 16. Shangri-La and Jason & the Golden Fleece air November 23. Check local listings here.Go>


Program Credits

Production credits for the four episodes of In Search of Myths and Heroes. Go>

Temple of Bar'an in Marib


Funding for the PBS program. Go>

village near Mestia

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