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Yellowstone National Park

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Horace Albright and bears, Yellowstone National Park, 1922 Add to Scrapbook

Horace Albright and bears, Yellowstone National Park, 1922

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When Horace Albright was appointed superintendent of Yellowstone in 1919, he dedicated himself to expanding the park southward to include the Teton Range and Jackson Hole valley in Wyoming. With the help of John D. Rockefeller Jr., who secretly bought up much of the valley, Grand Teton National Park was created in 1929.

In 1946, with World War II over and gasoline rationing and travel restrictions lifted, attendance at Yellowstone National Park quadrupled from 189,000 to 807,000. Two years later, it would cross the 1 million mark for the first time and never turn back.

Hunters in Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park Add to Scrapbook

Hunters in Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park

Despite a Park Service policy against the extermination of any animal species, wolves were systematically eliminated from many national parks. The death of two wolf pups in 1926 marked the end of the species at Yellowstone. In January of 1995, as part of a plan to re-establish the predators in their former habitat, 14 gray wolves were released in the park. Within only a few years, the wolves were thriving – part, once more, of the larger Yellowstone ecosystem.

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