The amazing underwater Halls and their crew combine
innovation with patience, skill and luck.

      They are considered by many to be the world's foremost underwater producers and cinematographers. They've traveled the world's oceans in search of rare and bizarre creatures. They've captured on film compelling scenes, incredible underwater species, and exotic behavior and rituals never before filmed. Their work has been seen on episodes of NATURE, "Wild Kingdom," and various National Geographic specials.
      They are Southern Californians Howard and Michele Hall, and their combination of innovation, skill, luck and patience help them overcome undersea dangers to produce remarkable marine documentaries. Jaws novelist Peter Benchley says of their work, "Nobody does it better."
      Now their work moves again to center stage with five one-hour specials on PBS, Secrets of the Ocean Realm, set to air every other month beginning Monday evening, December 1, 1997, at 8pm eastern time, with "Cathedral in the Sea/Survival in the Sea". (Check local listings.)
      The Halls work with a small, hand-picked crew that has been with them since 1988: Bob Cranston is Howard's assistant and second cameraman; Mark Conlin is an invaluable assistant cameraman, and Mark Thurlow -- an excellent diver and recent addition to the team -- is an inventor with a never-ending stream of ideas.
      "Our goal," says Howard Hall, "is to capture seldom seen behavior on film. And the trick to that is to simply spend huge amounts of time underwater." Simple? Not really! The Halls' and their crew had to invent and employ innovative technologies, exhibit extraordinary patience, face continual dangers, and benefit from incredible luck to produce the five extraordinary hours which comprise Secrets of the Ocean Realm. The result is some of the most remarkable underwater natural history scenes ever aired on television.


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