Zalophus Californicus

Habitat: California Sea Lions are typically found in shallow coastal waters but are capable of swimming offshore into deeper water. Rarely found more than 10 miles offshore, California Sea Lions come ashore or "haul out" in rookeries where they will breed. These rookeries are strips of land near the water's edge.

Average adult size: Males can grow to be 8 feet long and 850 pounds. Females can grow to be 6.5 feet long and 240 pounds.

Natural history: Adult males establish breeding territories from May through July in Baja, California, and Southern California. Most births in California rookeries are in June. Females may live for 25 years or more. California sea lions feed mainly on squid and octopus but also take any available fish such as herring, hake and anchovies. Most dives are brief, about two minutes, but can last up to eight minutes. A dive to more than 1,200 feet has been recorded.

Range: from the Gulf of California in Mexico north to Vancouver Island.

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