Neoclinus blanchardi

Habitat: Sarcastic fringeheads typically are found in holes and burrows.

Average adult size: Adults can grow to be 12 inches long.

Natural history: Fringeheads belong to the Clinid family. All Clinids have a long dorsal fin and wavy, fringe-like appendages on their heads. So, the fringehead part makes sense, what about the sarcastic part? My guess is it comes from their temperament. They are extremely territorial and aggressive. Fringeheads live in empty shells, holes, and crevices, and empty bottles and cans. They will defend these homes against an intruder of any size. Sarcastic fringeheads just always seem to be cranky. They spawn from January to August. Females lay eggs in abandoned clam holes and under rocks. It is the male's job to guard the eggs from any poachers, which he does with his usual fearlessness. Sarcastic fringeheads can grow to be six years old.

Range: From central California south to Baja, California.

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