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Roger Payne and Patrick Stewart
aboard the Odyssey

Real Video - Watch the Patrick Stewart video.

Patrick Stewart, the acclaimed actor, started his career performing leading roles with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theater in England. He has performed on Broadway in The Tempest (Prospero) and in a one man version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol (all roles). He is currently playing the lead in Arthur Miller's new play Ride Down Mount Morgan.

His television career includes major performances as Captain Jean Luc Picard in the long running series Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as of Ahab in the Hallmark Theater production of Moby Dick. In addition to three Star Trek films his film credits include X-Men, Safe House, Conspiracy Theory, Masterminds, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and I, Claudius.

In 1976 he became a founder of ACTER (A Center for Theatre, Education and Research) — an organization bringing British actors schooled in classical theater to American Universities to teach students in drama and English courses the methods of handling classical dramatic texts. He has toured in the US several times for ACTER, teaching and performing in American Universities.

He enjoys universal critical acclaim for his performances and is a recipient of numerous theater awards and honorary degrees.

He is a Trustee and long standing friend of Ocean Alliance and has traveled aboard the Research Vessel Odyssey on several occasions. He will be joining the Voyage of the Odyssey as well as commenting on it from time to time.

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