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PBS Ombudsman


November 2011

November 21, 2011

The Mailbag: In Rematch, NBR & Skousen 6, Critics & Ombud 0

Here's a quick, pre-holiday catch-up on the mail landing in the ombudsman's inbox recently. Getting the most mail, and thereby earning the headline on this posting, was additional viewer reaction to an appearance earlier this month on the Nightly Business... More »

November 15, 2011

For Some, a Mystery About Masterpiece

On Sunday evening, Nov. 6, many PBS member stations around the country aired a new feature-length espionage drama titled "Page Eight." It is part of what is called the "Masterpiece Contemporary" series and, not surprisingly, it is very, very British.... More »

November 10, 2011

When a Guest Puts You on the Spot

The PBS NewsHour actually made some news in its Friday, Oct. 31, broadcast when, during an interview with correspondent Judy Woodruff, Republican presidential contender Herman Cain committed a foreign policy blunder. "Do you view China as a potential military threat... More »

November 3, 2011

Is There a 'Good Side' to U.S. Economic Inequality?

Paul Solman, the guy in the hat, is the PBS NewsHour's economics correspondent. He is one of the more memorable and identifiable correspondents on television. Solman is smart, provocative at times, interviews interesting people, asks challenging questions and the trademarked... More »
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