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Saturday, April 29, 2017
PBS Ombudsman


November 2013

November 21, 2013

The Mailbag: Bye-Bye Bobbleheads and Lots of Other Stuff

The ombudsman's mailbag has become quite stuffed in the past week or two, and in the past few days in particular, because of lots of email from people upset about a short video offering from PBS Digital Studios that was... More »

November 19, 2013

'It's (Not) Okay to be (Not) Smart'

The headline above is my edited version of the title of a PBS Digital Studios production of "A Very Special Thanksgiving Special/It's Okay to be Smart." The idea, its webpage states, is to "be thankful for everything science has given... More »

November 8, 2013

More Words About 'War of the Worlds'

Last week's column dealt with a documentary aired on Oct. 29 as part of the PBS "American Experience" series. The hour-long program marked the 75th anniversary of the famous 1938 CBS radio broadcast of the Orson Welles dramatization of a... More »

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