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Sunday, April 30, 2017
PBS Ombudsman


October 2012

October 26, 2012

Complaints Welcomed, but So Are the Programs

Normally, this column is filled with observations from viewers, and from me, that are for the most part critical of one thing or another that has appeared on PBS. As I've noted many times, people generally write to an ombudsman... More »

October 22, 2012

On 'Acts,' 'Race' and 'Choice'

As you can imagine, the ombudsman's mailbox has been filled of late with comments about politics from people who may be viewers and some who may simply not like PBS or want to see that portion of its revenue that... More »

October 11, 2012

Big Bird: Fair or Fowl Play?

* Ombudsman's Note: This posting was updated on Friday, Oct. 12, to include a response to this column from Linda Winslow, executive producer of the PBS NewsHour, and Boisfeuillet "Bo" Jones, president and CEO of MacNeil/Lehrer Productions. Two icons of... More »

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