John Hunt Morgan Saddle

The Case:

A man in Paris, Kentucky, owns a beautifully preserved, Western-style saddle, believed to have been used by the Confederate general, John Hunt Morgan, on his famous raid into Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio in July 1863.

June 1863: The Confederacy is quickly losing ground and they desperately need to turn the tide. In Kentucky, a group of Confederate cavaliers begin launching raids deep into Union territory, taking the war to the civilian population. They wreak havoc on the Union’s infrastructure and strike fear throughout the Border States. The mastermind of this bold new plan is John Hunt Morgan, the South’s most infamous guerrilla General and the scourge of Union forces in Kentucky.

Could this be the saddle that carried John Hunt Morgan into the pages of history?

History Detective Wes Cowan is on the case and reveals a surprising personal connection: Wes' great-grandfather was actually one of "Morgan's Raiders" and was captured alongside Morgan during the historic raid.

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Season 2, Episode 9

Wes Cowan Location:
Paris, Kentucky

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