U.S.S Olympia Glass

The Case:

The front door of a farmhouse in Eastern Nebraska has an etched glass window with a depiction of a ship cruising through open waters, smoke pouring from its stacks.

The home's owner believes the ship is the USS Olympia, the cruiser commanded by Commodore George Dewey when he defeated Admiral Montojo's Spanish Squadron at Manila Bay in 1898, beginning the Spanish-American War.

The farm's been in the family for over half a century, and a 1977 letter from the USS Olympia Association states that etched glass windows may have adorned Admiral Dewey's own stateroom.

History Detectives finds whether this unique window can serve as a portal into a turning point in American foreign policy. 

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Season 6, Episode 7

Wes Cowan Location:
Fremont, Nebraska and Philadelphia

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