Genealogy - Checklist

  • Have a basic stationary kit that includes pens, pencils, an eraser and a ruler.
  • Create a three-ring binder with sections that hold your research notes and copies of your primary sources.
  • Always have paper with you, especially when traveling.
  • Label all your notes with a name, date, location, the surname of the family it relates to and the source.
  • When taking notes from a document, be sure to note the title, date, author, location, catalog reference number, and library classification number if possible.
  • Keep a separate contacts file containing the name, number, email and mailing address for your contacts.
  • Keep a chronological record or diary of your research including places visited, people you spoke to and where documents were housed.
  • One of the best places to start you search is at your local library.
  • Interview the older members of your family about their history, making sure you tape record or video tape it to have a permanent record.
  • Write down your questions before the interview and work through them.

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