“It was the age of selfishness. It was the age of self-indulgence. It was the age of anti-authority. It was an age in which people did all kinds of wrong things.”
- Ed Meese
U.S. Attorney General
Reagan Administration

“It was absolutely exhilarating. It was the greatest time to be alive ever, for sure.”
- Charles Kaiser
Author and Historian


It was a time when a generation rebelled and lost its innocence. From the Vietnam War to the struggle for racial equality to the birth of a counter-culture explosion, the 1960s was a decade of change, experimentation and hope that transformed an entire nation. THE SIXTIES: THE YEARS THAT SHAPED A GENERATION traces the events of one of the most turbulent and influential periods of political and cultural change in the 20th century and the powerful impact forced on an entire generation. There is disagreement even today over the failures and accomplishments that were born from the 1960s, but one thing is certain there has never been a time quite like it. THE SIXTIES: THE YEARS THAT SHAPED A GENERATION highlights the tumultuous and exhilarating moments of a decade that continues to have a profound impact on our society today from American foreign policy to the birth of the environmental and gay rights and women's liberation movements.

The 2-hour documentary features revealing interviews with prominent figures of the era including, Judge Robert Bork, Patrick Buchanan, Rev. William Sloane Coffin, Peter Coyote, Walter Cronkite, Daniel Ellsberg, Carlos Fuentes, Arlo Guthrie, Tom Hayden, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Henry Kissinger, Norman Mailer, Robert McNamara, Ed Meese, and Bobby Seale.

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Writer/Director/Producers  |  David Davis and Stephen Talbot
Additional Writing  |  Sharon Wood
Narrator  |  Paul Herlinger
Editors  |  Bruce Barrow
Wendy Morgan
Brett Wood
Photographers  |  Greg Bond
Greg Larsen
Wendy Morgan
Audio  |  Randy Layton
Lori Gómez
Gene Koon
Executive Producer  |  David Davis
Executive in Charge of Production  |  Jack Galmiche

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