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Beautiful and useful, the little tuberous Amemone blanda `White Splendor' works very hard for me in the spring. In the fall I soak the small hard tubers of this Grecian Windflower for an hour before planting them two to three inches deep in well-drained soil in both sun and part shade. The books say they are hardy in Zones 4-8 and for us in Iowa they are truly perennial and the numbers increase yearly.

Here are the ways I place Anemone blanda `White Splendor' in my garden:
1. To mark locations of late emerging perennials like Coreopsis `Moonbeam', Hibiscus and Ascepias tuberosa, Butterfly Weed. Seeing the fresh white flowers in the spring, I remember that something important is going to show up late so I just relax and enjoy the first act. I also plant them near clematis feet just to keep me out of their root zone.

2. I plant them between and among the perennial plants at the front of the garden bed. Anemone blanda blooms for such a long time and its foliage is good looking after bloom and dies back so gracefully (unlike so many bulbs) that it can be out front, smiling broadly, filling in the space that later other plants will inhabit.

3. Anemone blanda `White Splendor' is just a great plant that goes with everything in the spring, Daffodils and Tulips bulbs, early blooming perennials like Draba sibirica, and near fresh emerging foliage like the grass Alopecurus pratensis `Aureovariegatus' pictured here.