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Behind the RED FILES, Searchlight presents the story within the story.

They were lovers in a house of spies...

Morris Cohen recruited Lona to be his fellow spy and wife. She was a member of the American Communist Party and would be the key to delivering the bomb to the Soviets.

A quote from Svetlana Chervonnaya: "They spent hours to talk about what's being a traitor. I remember her just staring at me and saying, 'Well, am I a traitor Svetlana? But I didn't kill anybody, and I didn't destroy any American life. No American soldier died because of what I have done.'" (click to hear quote)

Lona and Morris Cohen embracing

Hole Under Fridge Wormwood Prison Cohens are released

The Cohens kept a short wave radio to keep in contact with the KGB, hidden under their refrigerator at their house in Ruislip, England.

After the Venona Project decoded the secret messages and discovered the Spy ring responsible for stealing atomic secrets, the Cohens were incarcerated in Wormwood Scrubs Prison in London.

The Cohens are finally released from prison after a deal is made with the KGB to swap spies. They are ordered to Moscow. (click to download 391 kb video)


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