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Once upon a time there was a little girl...

Gymnast legend and four-time Olympic-Gold Medal winner now teaching her students in Atlanta, Georgia.

Olga Korbut teaching a young girl

Olga performs on the beam
Olga performs on the beam.
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A quote from Olga Korbut: "You know when you touch the equipment before you're afraid all the time like you are shaking. But when you touch, this is mine. Look at me. This is mine. Look at me. This is - -I'm flying and I show what I can do. This is best bit. You're actress. You're most beautiful. You're everything. And all the world is yours!" (click to hear quote)

Olga performing.]
Her graceful exuberance won her fame throughout the world.

Olga with husband.
Olga walks with pop star and husband, L. Bortkevitch. Her love of freedom would move them to the U.S. in 1991with their son Richard.

Olga receiving award.
Olga is awarded the BBC Prize as the best sportswoman of the year, 1972. In 1997 she was inducted into the Gymnastics Hall of Fame.


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