RED FILES Links Seen on TV

During the PBS RED FILES broadcast, you may have seen overlay banners periodically at the bottom of your screen. They announced special related content available on this web site. The list below refers to that content, and clicking on any topic will lead you there directly.

I: Visit a Soviet archive in the Russian Archives Online

II: "Secret Victories of the KGB"

  1. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade
  2. Stills of Soviet Oppenheimer: Igor Kurchatov
  3. The Venona Project
  4. KGB debriefing of Morris Cohen

III: "Soviet Sports Wars"

  1. U.S.S.R.'s Olympic victories
  2. KGB exposé: Phillip Knightley Essay "The KGB vs. the CIA"
  3. Soviet athletes who defected
  4. Experience a portrait of Olga

IV: "Secret Soviet Moon Mission"

  1. Space pioneer Tsiolkovsky
  2. Download a beeping Sputnik screensaver (430 kb)
  3. Meet the first woman in space: Valentina Tereshkova
  4. Video clip of Gagarin and Leonov missions (662 kb)

V: "Soviet Propaganda Machine"

  1. Propaganda posters in "The Gallery"
  2. Stalin's show trials
  3. Video clip of Lenin (330 kb)
  4. Join the discussion with Vladimir Pozner


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