Ms. Place and Laurel Ann Natress sum up Dickens "Little Dorrit"

Masterpiece Classic

For more great posts on Little Dorrit visit  Jane Austen Today. Ms. Place and Laurel Ann Nattress share their thoughts, observations and recaps -


Little Dorrit and Bankruptcy

Little Dorrit and the Grand Tour


Little Dorrit, Final Installment 


Laurel Ann Nattress of AustenProse writes "Affairs of the heart populate episode two with hopes and aspirations for all of the unattached characters in Masterpiece Classic's miniseries of Little Dorrit. The episode opens with a wrenching blow to John Chivery (Russell Tovey), when Amy Dorrit (Claire Foy) rejects his tender marriage proposal."


Gina Dalfonzo writes about her love / hate relationship with Andrew Davies on Dickensblog  "He can be so incredibly good at bringing great works to life on the screen, and then he can turn around and be so coarse or tin-eared that he drives me up the wall. Please don't mind if I have a little one-sided discussion with him here and there; it's normal."


And Ms. Place provides a wonderful gallery of photos from Little Dorrit on Jane Austen's World blog.


Watched missed episodes of Charles Dickens "Little Dorrit"






it is confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I've enjoyed watching Little Dorrit. Its a great story- a bit confusing at times though

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