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, Episode One

by Ms. Place

Kenneth Branagh's performance as Wallander in PBS's new mystery series of the same name is memorable. His baggy eyes are rimmed with red from lack of sleep, his middle aged body is lumpy and careworn, and he is as depressed as the families of the victims he investigates. From the opening scenes I immediately understood that this production of the popular Swedish detective series, which has a spare and existential feel, will offer no light frothy treatment of the detective genre. Set in southern Sweden and the Swedish port city of Ystad (pronounced EE-stad), the movie is beautifully filmed. Having never visited Sweden, it was a delight to view the film's stark and gorgeous settings. (more)

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Please no more of Kenneth Branagh’s dreadful acting as Wallander
in that terribly directed Masterpiece Mystery series.

Agreed! I just saw this for the first time last night and it was VERY disappointing . . . poor plot line, horrible production values, and a waste of good actors. Looks like they produced this purely for commercial reasons, assuming that the audience would buy it just because Branagh was in it.

I watched Wallander for the first time a few months back. Love the show! Please bring more episodes to PBS!


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