What are moms saying about learning with SUPER WHY?

PBS Kids

PBS KIDS is hosting a series of discussions nationwide with bloggers about the role media plays in the lives of their families. Over the next several weeks we will add event photos and posts from the events.


The New York event was held at PBS station WNET.org


Liz Thompson - This Full House

"PBS PARENTS is a terrific resource for connecting families (like mine) and media together to form an open forum, which (hopefully) will prove to be a fruitful partnership in understanding the complexities of our children's development. Good and bad."







The D.C. event was held at PBS Headquarters



Leticia Barr - D.C. Metro Moms

"We could have stayed at PBS all day. Not only did I find the discussion to be fascinating from a parent and an educator perspective, but it reinforced why PBS has always been a part of my life."


Gayle Weiswasser - Everyday I Write the Book

"When I think back on some of the shows my girls have watched on other channels, it makes me appreciate the quality of PBS Kids programming even more. It's not enough, in my book, that a show hold their attention or be entertaining - it should be teaching them something. And a show that demonstrates the value of books and reading, and encourages kids to explore books - what could be better? I am adding SuperWhy to the DVR immediately."


Jessica McFadden - A Parent in Silver Spring


"Super Why was designed specifically to help kids age 3-6 with the critical skills that they need to learn to read. Each of the four characters on the show embodies one of the skills recommended by the National Reading Panel: Alpha Pig = alphabet skills, Wonder Red = word families, Princess Presto = spelling and Super Why = reading comprehension and vocabulary. (They're not simply cutie pies with capes.) Using interactive literacy games and problems preschoolers can relate to and help solve, Super Why grips the child viewer and shows her that reading is an empowering adventure."


DC Event.jpg 

Michelle Musson - Wife and Mommy


"Sure, I thought it was a great show that engaged my kids for 25 minutes while I get ready in the morning.  But after hearing the how the show is very carefully crafted, I am really impressed with the teaching aspect of it.  It's good television that I don't mind encourage my kids to watch!"





New York Event Attendees

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D.C. Event Attendees

A Parent in Silver Spring  

Banana Blueberry 

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Crunchy Chewy Mama

DC Metro Moms 

Diana Caffeinated  

Everyday I Write the Book    

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Wife and Mommy 


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I'd love to know when you'll be in Chicago for this! I love Super Why. My daughter likes it, althou she loves WordGirl more. Thanks.

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