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PBS KIDS is hosting a series of discussions nationwide with bloggers about the role media plays in the lives of their families. Over the next several weeks we will add event photos and posts from the events.


We have just returned from two great events with Los Angeles Moms Blog and the Silicon Valley Moms. Read what some of the attendees had to say: 

Learning with PBS Kids and SUPER WHY

by Bonggamom, Finding Bonggamom

I've always maintained that watching TV can be a positive, educational experience for children. Actually, make that: "watching PBS is a positive, educational experience for children". There's a lot of good quality programming on many kids' networks these days, but as far as I'm concerned, PBS sets the gold standard in educational TV. A lot of it has to do with my own experiences; I learned to read watching the two original PBS Kids programs: Sesame Street and The Electric Company. And because they're noncommercial, airing on nonprofit stations, I really get the sense that they put kids' interests first. I've put absolute trust in the PBS Kids brand: if it's a PBS show, I let my kids watch it.



The right to choose...what your kids watch on TV

by Stefania Pomponi Butler, CityMama

One of the things I have been thinking about since last night is PBS' attempt to keep the 6+ age group engaged in their programming. They recognize that they are experts on the preschool set and have programming (via their PBS Go brand) that speaks to younger elementary school kids, but increasingly it is hard to compete with other programming (Nick and Disney tween programming) as well as outside influences like what kids are exposed to at school.  One of the they questions they posed to us (paraphrasing) was, "How do you keep your 6-to-8-year-old kids engaged in age-appropriate programs in light of all the media influences they are exposed to."





My family has been so busy!


by modmom 

this week, i met the pbs kids executives + the creator of 'super why' at stanford + they explained how they make their programs + gave me some show DVDs + projects to try with mod*tot for feedback. we LOVE pbs kids shows + online games. mod*tot is in gymnastics camp + i'm skating along the bay trail across the street from her gym, updating my blog, planning giveaways + getting ready for the dwell on design conference next weekend at the los angeles convention center!!!


LA-1.jpgBrain Candy


by Emily

It was a small group of parent bloggers (OK, mothers) and a panel of three women who design children's programming for PBS.  Joyce Campbell, the VP of Education and Children's Programming and producer of Sid, the Science Kid, didn't do a whole lot of talking, as she was clearly there just to hear what we had to say.  The other two women on the panel, however, had some fascinating things to say.




Visit Super WHY! on PBS KIDS

PBS Parents Learning with Media






From a very young age...
The tv spends more time with the child than his/her parents do
Johnny Hjemmeside

Cool site - but why is there not more activity?

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