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River of Song Production Staff
  • Producer/director
    John Junkerman

  • Writer/music consultant
    Elijah Wald

  • Editor
    William A. Anderson

  • Camerapeople
    Foster Wiley, Joan Churchill, Brett Wiley

  • Sound recordists
    John Tyler, John Paulson, Matt Sakakeeny, Mark Griswold

  • Executive producers
    Paul Johnson, Mitsuo Kojima

  • Producer
    Toshio Murayama

  • Coordinating producers
    Cathleen O'Connell, Jana Odette

  • Coproducers
    Leah Mahan, Hillary Wells, Cynthia Johnson, Elizabeth Taylor-Mead, Lucia Small, Mark Siegel, Amy Young, John Hiller

  • Associate producer
    Theo Pelletier

  • Additional camera
    Mike Flaherty, Tamara Goldsworthy

  • Multitrack recording
    Big Mo (Greg Hartman and Kevin Wait), Jim Medlin

  • Assistant editor
    Shayna Casey, Cathleen O'Connell

  • Sound editing
    Todd Huslander, Joanna Champagne

  • Field producers
    Pete White, Doug Miller, Maia Harris, Foung Heu, Gary Burger, Jim O'Neal

  • Production assistants
    Samantha Head, Toshi Eto, Tim Burke, Jannae Jacks

  • Support staff
    Charlotte Battles, Marie Gray (Smithsonian Productions), Vanessa O'Neill, Irena Fayngold, Tamar Kupiec (Filmmakers Collaborative)

  • Interns
    Ben Horowitz, Danielle Sultresse, Anu Tannen, Amy Woods

  • Radio Series Executive Producer
    Wesley Horner

  • Radio Series Producer
    Marge Ostroushko

  • Radio Series Writer
    Brian Newhouse

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