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Smithsonian Institution
Public Radio International
The Mississippi: River of Song

7-hour radio series

The Mississippi: River of Song
Beginning January 1999 on
Public Radio International affiliates

Marge Ostroushko, producer
Wesley Horner, executive producer
John Junkerman, project director/producer

"I think the real, true music of the river is just about any kind of music that you can think of, because so many different kinds of people were on the river. Probably every race and kind of person in the world has traveled up and down the Mississippi at one time or other."
-John Hartford (musician and riverboat pilot)

       The Mississippi: River of Song captures the spirit and soul of American music along the Mississippi River, in a seven-part music performance series for public radio. Through hundreds of music performances and intimate conversations, The Mississippi: River of Song presents the richness and vitality of the music that flourishes in the heart of our nation. Popular independent folk rock musician Ani DiFranco hosts this musical journey from the pow-wow grounds at the Mississippi's headwaters in northern Minnesota to the blues clubs of St. Louis, from the rockabilly road houses in Arkansas to crawfish boils of the bayous, from the bluegrass festivals of the Farm Belt to the bandstands of New Orleans.

Program Summaries

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