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    Extension Activities: Episode Four

    Extension Activities for Episode 4:

    "When the Saints go Marching In"

    Cajun and Zydeco

    "L'il Liza Jane"

    "Taters and Gravy and Chicken-Fried Steak"

    Teachers note: After completing the introductory activities, use these extension activities to reach your curricular goals--and to have some fun! Some are designed for use as part of your daily lesson planning; some activities are better used as activities in which the student logs directly onto the internet for sound files and other enhancements. You will find these lessons and activities all listed in the activity index to this site. For some of these activities, you will need to consider purchasing the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 2-CD set that goes with the program. This can be a useful resource, in particular, for those teachers who want to explore more deeply the musical styles introduced by the program.

    When the Saints Go Marching In

    Objective: The students will sing a traditional song, adding various harmony and percussion parts
    • Score (click here.)
    • Program 4 (opening)
        You will find additional activities for this song in:
      • Share the Music (McGraw-Hill, Inc.., 1998): Grade 5, 109 (Read the pitches. Learn about cut time. Do a step-clap movement, shadowing clapping and moving variations by a leader. Play a chordal accompaniment. Add a resonator bells counter-melody. Combine with This Train and Swing Low -- See 139, 162, 183 -- as Triple partner songs. Read background.)
      • The Music Connection (Silver Burdett Ginn, 1995): Grade 6, 277 (Read the rhythm and pitches of the song. Decide where chord changes should occur. Play recorder counter-melodies. Read background.); Grade 7, 178 (Hear Preservation Hall Jazz band recording, identify instruments heard, sing harmony part), see painting of jazz band, read background of Dixieland Jazz); Grade 8, 323 (play guitar accompaniment, make up new words, read background of song).
    • "Louisiana's Traditional Cultures: New Orleans" (background article for further research)
    • Henry Butler (profile of the musical group with discography and audio/video clips)
    • Have the students sing the song.
    • Add the bass line on any low-pitched instrument.
    • Add the upper harmony part on any medium-high instrument.
    • Add the tambourine afterbeats.
    • Consider adding other activities described in basal series textbooks.
    • Use the song for stepping routines (such as those shown in program 3, 12:31
    • For ensemble students, have them review the chord spellings of the chords (C, F, and G) used in the song. Then, help them improvise along with the other parts in the score by playing any notes in the given chords, using rhythms of their choice. (Encourage them to use various syncopated rhythms.

    Cajun and Zydeco

    Objective: The students will participate in zydeco selection and will compare zydeco and Cajun styles.
    • Listen to the program segments on Cajun and zydeco music.
    • Discuss with the class what is said about the two styles. How are they alike? What is different? Click here for a sound sample of Cajun music; click here for a zydeco sample.
    • Discuss the ways that Cajun music has stylistic similarites with country styles, and the ways the zydeco is related to blues.
    • Have students bring in washboards or corrugated metal sheets and play along with one or more zydeco selections (see "Bon Chien, CD2, track 13, in which the accompaniment pattern can be just straight eighth notes throughout).

    "L'il Liza Jane"

    Objective: The students will sing a song, imitating a given style, and will improvise new lyrics.
    • Have the students listen to the program selection of the Treme Brass Band.
    • Have them sing the song, trying to sing in the style heard on the segment.
    • Improvise new lyrics for measures 1-2 and 5-6.

    "Taters and Gravy and Chicken-Fried Steak"

    Objective: The students will sing, noting the use of flatted thirds, and add an instrumental accompaniment part.
    • Have the students listen to the song
    • Have them learn to sing the song, using the score
    • Study the score with the students, looking for the C-natural flatted thirds. Have them note the blues progression in the tune and the variation on it (where the singer holds out the melody pitches for an extra measure).
    • Perform the song, adding the high accompaniment part on any strumming or plucked instrument (guitar, violin, viola); add the low part on any pitched instrument.

    Taters and Gravy and Chicken-Fried Steak

    Yeah, I like my rice and gravy and my black-eyed peas.
    Corn on the cob, I want a big glass of tea.
    Some okra and tomatoes and some turnip greens,
    I want some real soul food, do you know what I mean?
    Well, I'm goin' on down to Ma and Pa's Cafe!
    (Spoken:) Mercy!
    I want some taters and gravy with some chicken-fried steak!

    I said, come here, little Mama, don t you know what you ve got?
    When you bring it to me better serve it up hot!
    And when I m gettin' through I want some apple pie
    With ice cream so I ll be so satisfied.
    Well, I m going on down to the Hob-Nob Cafe.
    (Spoken:) Mercy!
    I want some taters and gravy and some chicken fried steak.

    I want some taters and gravy and chicken fried steak.
    Well, little Mama, don t make me wait.
    I get hungry, I' m a might' mean man.
    Set it up, Mama, as fast as you can.
    (Spoken:) Whoa, son!

    Well, I like my chicken and my pork chops, too.
    I want a big fat T-bone with some barbecue,
    Red beans and rice, (That s very nice!)
    Corn bread and sausage with lots of spice.

    But my favorite meal, don t you make no mistake.
    (Spoken:) Mercy!
    I want some taters and gravy and some chicken fried steak.
    I want some taters and gravy and some chicken fried steak.

    Written by Kenny Bill Stinson

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