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    In addition to the Introductory Activities, which are directed at helping students listen closely to the music in River of Song, you can search here for a number of activities designed to help your students achieve the skills and knowledge set out in the National Standards for Music and in good teaching practice in music and in social studies. The activities are listed by artist, by song, and by concept taught. Just click on the "artist" in the column to access the lesson.
           You may choose to use each activity as it appears here (either in class or assigning it as a special project for a student or group of students), or you may alter it to fit the needs of your particular group of students.
           For some of these activities, sound files and scores have been provided. For others, you will need to use a tape of the broadcast or a copy of the CD produced for the series. In each case, the necessary resources are clearly marked. Also listed in this index are resources for you, the teacher, and for your students. Those are also clearly marked.
           Teachers who are using these activities as enhancements to ongoing General Music curricula will find references to the two most widely used basal series texts, those by Silver Burdett Ginn and by McGraw Hill, Inc.  
    Artist Song Title Concept/Skill Resources
    All - Immigration standard library resources
    All - Mapping map of the Mississippi
    All of Program 1 - Choosing an instrument program 1
    All of Program 2 - Choosing a style program 2
    All of Program 3 - Choosing a location program 3
    All of Program 4 - Asking about music's purpose program 4
    All, Program 3 - Learn about and create blues lyrics Program 3
    Bottle Rockets Get Down, River Singing CD1, track 17
    Boundless Love Quartet, Mississippi Mass Choir - Learn about group participation in choral music Program 3, 02:54;

    Program 3, 47:00

    Butler, Henry When The Saints Go Marching In Sing, add accompaniments; improvise Program 4, 02:03
    Delafose, Geno Bon Chien Play washboard accompaniments CD2, track 13
    E. St. Louis Drumming -- "Hambone" body percussion Program 2, 40:09;

    CD1, track 13

    Hartford, John Miss Ferris Singing, playing a chordal accompaniment; recognizing modal scale Program 2, 05:39;

    CD 1, track 12

    Hartford, John Steamboat Soundings Learn about the use of song in relaying soundings Steamboat Soundings
    Hartwich, Karl Kim Marie Performing an accompaniment CD1, track 8
    Hartwich, Karl Skip Polka Perform a basic polka step. Program 1, 33:43
    Johnson, Jack Lonesome Road; My Baby, She's Happy Compare acoustic and electric guitar Guitar research materials on the web
    Koerner, John Sail Away, Ladies Singing; blues scale; syncopation Program 1, 21:10; Cd 1, track 3
    Koerner, John Sail Away, Ladies Singing, performing a latin-style drum accompaniment CD1, track 3
    Lewis Family Born to Be with You Clogging Program 2, 10:28
    Lewis Family, jammers - Singing; play a bluegrass-style accompaniment
    Lockwood, Robert Jr. Take a Little Walk with Me Play a simple blues bass; Play a simple shuffle blues progression CD2, track 5
    Lopez, Manny; Soul Asylum Jazz Me Blues/I did My Best Learn about Bix Beiderbecke; study the rhythms of Jazz Me Blues Program 1, 12:49; Program 1, 40:10;

    Bix Beiderbecke: The Birth of Midwestern Jazz

    Menard, D.L.; Delafose, Geno Back Door; Allez Voir ma 'Tite Fille Compare Cajun and Zydeco styles online
    Mississippi Mass Choir - Learn about Gospel Style Program 3
    Ojibwe Powwow Song Perform a Native American social dance. Cd 1, track 1
    Ojibwe - Importance of drums to Native Americans "The Vision of the Tailfeather Woman", Program 1, 04:05
    Redmond, Eugene Engoma Recognizing musicians and artists' names; playing a rhythmic accompaniment CD1, track 14
    Skal Club Red-Headed Swede Singing Cd 1, track 2
    Soul Asylum I Did My Best Playing rock drum patterns CD1, track 4
    Stinson, Kenny Taters and Gravy Sing the song; learning about the use of blue notes Program 4, 06:27
    Treme Brass Band L'il Liza Jane Sing, improvise lyrics Program 4, 25:08

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