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    Extension Activities Appropriate For All Segments:

  • Immigration

  • Mapping Activity

  • Teachers note: After completing the introductory activities, use these extension activities to reach your curricular goals--and to have some fun! Some are designed for use as part of your daily lesson planning; some activities are better used as activities in which the student logs directly onto the internet for sound files and other enhancements. You will find these lessons and activities all listed in the activity index to this site.


    Objective: To assess why immigrant groups came to the United States, the challenges they faced, and the contributions they made.
    • Divide the class into three groups to research the old, new, and current wave of immigration. The large groups can be subdivided into smaller groups. Each smaller group can be responsible for a 50-year period of time.
    • Have them review information in the textbook and use library resources to research their topic. Students should look for the following information:
      • What conditions "pushed" the immigrants out of their country? (poverty, famine, unemployment)
      • What conditions "pulled" the immigrants to the U.S.? (education, employment, religious freedom)
      • Where did the immigrants settle in the U.S.?
      • What problems did the immigrants face in the U.S.? (housing, language, employment skills)
      • What culture did the immigrants bring to the U.S.? What contributions did these immigrants make to society?
    • Next, give each group a piece of chart paper and magic markers. The group should draw a rough sketch of the U.S.
      • Have the group draw two arrows pointing to the U.S. One arrow should be labeled "Pull Factor." The students should list the push/pull factors beside the appropriate arrow.
      • Students should shade in the region(s) where the immigrants settled in the U.S.
    • Students should present their findings to the class.
    • An extension to this activity could be for students to research their own family history. Students could interview family members to find out when their ancestors came to the U.S. and what push/pull factors influenced their family's decision. Students could celebrate their diverse heritages by presenting their findings and bringing in food or music from their native lands.

    Mapping Activity

    Objective: To identify states, bodies of water, and cities on a blank map
    • Have the students label a blank map of the area surrounding the Mississippi River. Students should label the following:
    States Bodies of Water Cities
    North Dakota
    South Dakota
    Mississippi River
    Lake Superior
    Lake Michigan
    Lake Huron
    Missouri River
    Ohio River
    Kansas River
    Lake Erie
    Wabash River
    Arkansas River
    Canadian River
    Red River
    Gulf of Mexico
    St. Paul, MN
    St. Louis, MO
    Memphis, TN
    Baton Rouge,LA
    Vicksburg, MS
    New Orleans, LA
    • Ask students to define the following terms associated with rivers and bodies of water: Source, Mouth,Delta,Tributary, Lake

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