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Rosalie Sorrels: Way Out in Idaho Video Preview

Roma Baran: Yeah, so maybe then Barbara why don’t you take the fiddle and use it as a hand-held?

Barbara Higbie: Okay, I’m very uncomfortable with a handheld microphone. (Jokes around singing Tom Jones’ “It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone…You’re beautiful..”)

Roma: sings “You make me feel…”

(Barbara, Roma & Rosalie laughing.)

Barbara: She’s a truly great artist. I feel lucky that somehow our two ways of approaching music resonate with each other and amplify each other. She likes what I do, and I like what she does. She’s a kick, she’s really great. And she’s just a dear heart. She wants everything to be right for everybody. She has no ego at all. She’s just one-of-a-kind.

(Rosalie singing in background)

Rosalie: (violin in background) I like small theaters. I think of what I do as something that should be done in a room instead of outside, and the Liberty Theater is exactly the right size.

(Rosalie playing guitar in the background)

Hal Canon: She’s always loved to have great musicians accompany her. She puts a lot of emphasis on vocalizing. I’ve never heard anyone who’s been able to even approximate the way Rosalie sings. She has an absolutely unique voice.

Roma: (Music and singing in background) The lyrics are extremely important to her. She just has a vision of the world, and she’s always spoken and sung about it, just because she’s folksy, and relaxed and easygoing. She’s also very professional and being up on stage with her is great fun. I’ve played with her on-and-off, I produced an album of hers in the 80s. The first moment I worked with her, I saw in her what I still see and what I think what everyone sees. She’s so intimate and real and she’s exactly the same off-stage as she is on-stage. She’s very focused and she gets it—like it’s very complicated, music is complicated and performing is complicated and she really gets it. She really appreciates her musicians and loves the audience.

Rosalie: Connecting to my audience is the most important thing to me. You can connect with a whole room full of people you never even saw before in your life—you feel like you want to pack them all up and take them everywhere with you. (laughing)

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Rosalie Sorrels: Way Out in Idaho premieres May 19, 2007
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