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The Dominican Comparision
The Future of Cuban Baseball
The Cuban National League
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The Debate
In the debate over Cuban Baseball, so much is a matter of subject position. Often point of view and geographic location are inextricably tied and knowing what to think is like navigating the impossible medieval labyrinth. Browse what the various interested parties have said on a range of topics critical to forming an educated opinion about Cuban baseball. Then, voice your own opinion.
  • Defections
    Defectors, agents, scholars, journalists, officials, and players discuss the defection phenomenon.
  • Baseball in Society
    A look at how baseball signifies in a society--what it comes to represent--particularly in an underdeveloped former colonial nation like Cuba.
  • The Dominican Parallel
    Scholars and Cuban officials consider the stark realities of Dominican baseball in comparing it to its Cuban counterpart.
  • The Future of Cuban Baseball
    A look at the various hypotheses about Cuba’s baseball future.
  • Personal Histories
    The commissioner of Cuban baseball, defector Jorge Diaz, and agent Joe Cubas look into their pasts to shed light on their present perspectives.
  • The Cuban National League
    All you wanted to know and more about the workings of the Cuban National League.
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