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Carlos Rodriguez Acosta
Commissioner of Cuban Baseball

  • Background
    It's important to live with humility. If something is important in the human realm, it is that a human being never forgets where he came from. I am still the same campesino, who was born in the country, to a poor family. I have been able tos become director of baseball and more importantly, a professional, only because there was revolution. Otherwise it would have been impossible. My family could've never sent a son to study at the University or even to elementary school. We were born in a house with dirt floors, a straw roof, and bamboo walls. I don't think that any child in Cuba is born in those conditions today. And I'm a product of that. And I will never forget it and always live with that humility.

Jorge Diaz
Cuban Baseball Defector
  • Regrets and Future Hopes
    I miss Cuba because it's my country, and I miss my family. But my family understands that to improve my life, I have to keep looking ahead to future. And I don't regret the things that I have done. On the contrary, I only wish that all the Cubans in Cuba thought the same as we do. We're not happy yet because we haven't seen the fruit of our labor. For example to be on a team in the United States. But we're seeing that we're free, in a free country, and the treatment is good. You have the right to buy yourself an apple, a Coca-Cola, etc., etc.
            I mean we are preparing a lot because we are going to life that will be hard and possibly there a little harder thatn here. But my method is to always continue training and hope to be signed by a Major League team. And I will give the most for my team and I will get better and better every year. Life is like an escalator and you have to always improve.

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