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National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth
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Strange Days on Planet Earth
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National Geographicís Strange Days on Planet Earth is a Sea Studios Foundation production for Vulcan Productions, Inc. and National Geographic Television & Film; WGBH Boston presents the series on PBS.

Sea Studios Foundation

Sea Studios Foundation

Sea Studios Foundation was created to increase the publicís understanding and participation in science and environmental issues. To meet its goal, the foundation produces projects based on a new strategy to integrate traditional forms of media, such as television, the Internet and informal learning institutions. Research is beginning to show that media integration can be an effective tool for moving people to awareness and then to action. The foundation was formed in 1996 as a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization and it has offices in Monterey, California. Since the foundationís inception, it has produced two international projects with National Geographic Television; The Shape of Life and Strange Days on Planet Earth. For more information please visit www.seastudios.com. Off-site Link

Vulcan Productions

Vulcan Productions, Inc.

Founded in 1997 by investor and philanthropist Paul G. Allen, Seattle-based Vulcan Productions devotes itself exclusively to producing independent films of unique vision and artistic quality. With projects such as Far From Heaven, The Safety of Objects, The Blues, Evolution and Me & Isaac Newton, the company commits its talent and resources to creating films of substance and enduring significance — engaging audiences both intellectually and emotionally with storytelling that illuminates the human condition. For more information about Vulcan Productions, please visit www.vulcanproductions.com. Off-site Link

National Geographic Television & Film

National Geographic Television & Film

Building on its global reputation for remarkable visuals and compelling stories, National Geographic Television & Film augments its award-winning documentary productions (122 Emmy Awards and more than 900 other industry awards) with feature films, large-format films, kidsí programming and long-form television drama programming. Worldwide, National Geographicís television programming can be seen on the National Geographic Channel, MSNBC and PBS, home video and DVD and through international broadcast syndication. The National Geographic Channel is received by more than 220 million households in 26 languages in 148 countries. For more information about National Geographic Television & Film, log on to nationalgeographic.com, AOL Keyword: NatGeo. Off-site Link



WGBH Boston is Americaís preeminent public broadcasting producer, the source of one-third of PBSís primetime lineup and companion online content as well as many public radio favorites. WGBH is a pioneer in educational multimedia (including the Web, broadband and interactive television) and in technologies and services that make media accessible for people with disabilities. WGBH has been recognized with hundreds of honors: Emmys, Peabodys, duPont-Columbia Awards... even two Oscars. In 2002 WGBH was honored with a special institutional Peabody Award for 50 years of excellence. For more information visit www.wgbh.org. Off-site Link

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