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National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth
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Strange Days on Planet Earth
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Careers in Science

Meet the scientists and characters featured in the Strange Days on Planet Earth episodes. Each of these people brings an immense amount of personal experience and expertise to the stories in the series. Who are these amazing, insightful and inspirational people? What motivated them to become who they are? Did they always want to be scientists? What are their hopes and fears? What words of advice can they impart to the next generation? To get at these questions and more, we interviewed each character. Here are their heartfelt responses:

Andrew Bakun

Brian O'Hanlon

Bronwen Currie
Marine Biologist

Donald E. Tillitt
Environmental Toxicologist

Frederick vom Saal
Developmental Biologist

Mario Rebolledo-Vieyra

Martha Rhodes

Michelle Hester

Paul Sánchez-Navarro

Ussif Rashid Sumaila

Sam Meacham
Cave Diver/Explorer

Scarla Weeks
Satellite Oceanographer

Shawn Robinson
Marine ecologist

Thierry Chopin

Patricia Beddows
Environmental Scientist and Hydrogeologist

Wolfgang Vogelbein
Fish Pathologist

Justin Brashares
Conservation Biologist

John Hoenig
Mathematical Ecologist

Roberto Iglesias-Prieto

Charles Moore
Ship captain and marine plastic debris researcher

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