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Impact Our World

We can affect change in our own backyard and our community by implementing a few changes in our everyday lives.


Make wise choices at the market
Our everyday choices can have long lasting impacts on the environment. In making any choices in the market, consider both how and where the product is made or grown. As a general rule, products created with fewer inputs (water, chemicals, etc.) use less energy to produce and may be better health choices as well. We as consumers have the power to drive the market; our choices are our voices. Let them be heard and lead by example.

For more information on our power to drive the market visit the
Strange Days Interactive Market.


Reduce household pollutants
Think twice before pouring chemicals down drains, or flushing drugs down toilets; they could end up in our drinking water. To find out how to dispose of hazardous household waste and learn about alternatives for household cleaning, visit Earth 911.Off-site Link


Give up the bottle — bottled water, that is.
Your tap water might not be as bad as you think. Check out the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencies local drinking water Off-site Link information. Tests have shown that in many municipalities, tap water actually tastes better. Remember bottled water can be more expensive per gallon than gasoline, has a significant carbon footprint and plastic doesn't biodegrade. If you want to carry your water with you, check out the National Geographic Green Guide for some wise container options. If your water at home tastes funny, try an activated charcoal or ceramic filter.

For more information visit home-use water filters. Off-site Link


Cut your carbon emission and save money.
Some easy steps include: changing your incandescent lightbulbs to florescent ones; unplugging computers and appliances when not in use; and carpooling or taking public transport when you can.

For more information on ways to save money and reduce your carbon footprints download Strange Days Climate Friendly Checklist (English | Spanish) [PDF file]


Planning a trip anytime soon? Go green.
To find out more about ecotourism and how you can reduce or even offset the impacts of your travel on the environment visit
National Geographic's Green Guide.Off-site Link


Creating a shopping list with all recyclable items
Start with bringing your own bag to the store rather than using plastic or paper and buy products that aren't over-packaged. If you must buy plastic products, stick to those made of recyclable plastic. Look for  no.1 and no.2 on the bottom of plastic products–these are the easiest to recycle.

For more information on plastics download the
Strange Days Smart Plastic Guide (English | Spanish). [PDF file]


Support policies and elected officials that keep the safety of our water systems in mind
Find out where your representatives stand Off-site Link on environmental issues.

In the United States, you can contact your federal, state and local officials to let them hear your views at www.congress.org.Off-site Link


Join the growing community movement to become part of the solution
Join local organization to clean up beaches, restore wetlands, stencil water drains. Visit the list of organization below for activities in your area and join the on-line community movement at Strange Days Causes.Off-site Link


The Ocean Project Get involved in community conservation. Search the national and international community conservation maps for organization and programs near you. Off-site Link

The Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Join the international effort to clean up our coast and waterways. Off-site Link

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Arizona-Sonora Desert MuseumOff-site Link
Tucson, AZ

Aquarium of the Pacific California
Aquarium of the PacificOff-site Link
Long Beach, CA
Monterey Bay Aquarium California
Monterey Bay AquariumOff-site Link
Monterey, CA
The Florida Aquarium Florida
The Florida AquariumOff-site Link
Tampa, FL
Shedd Aquarium Illinois
Shedd AquariumOff-site Link
Chicago, IL
Audubon Institute/Aquarium of the Americas Louisiana
Audubon Institute / Aquarium of the AmericasOff-site Link
New Orleans, LA
New England Aquarium Massachussetts
New England AquariumOff-site Link
Boston, MA
New York Aquarium New York
New York AquariumOff-site Link
New York, NY

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