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Ginger Garrison, PhD
Marine Biologist

We asked each of our scientists to give us their thoughts on their professions and what they think the future holds for humanity.

What would you recommend for students wanting to pursue a similar career?
Develop a strong foundation in the basic sciences (chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics), language (and writing) and history. You can specialize or branch out from that solid base. Experience the underwater world as much as you can. Observe, observe, observe with an open mind, looking for new connections.

What do you like best about your profession?
I have the honor of contributing to the protection and conservation of coral reef communities on which humans and millions of species of animals and plants depend in myriad ways. The scientific questions are intellectually stimulating, always challenging and contribute to our understanding of how society and the natural world are interrelated. It is both humbling and exhilarating when research findings result in actions that improve the lives of people in the developing world.

What makes you most fearful for the future?
The continued exponential growth of the human population will continue to put increasing pressure on Earth's resources and humans. The problems will only grow if action is not taken soon — very soon.

What makes you most hopeful for the future?
The commitment, idealism, intelligence and caring of young people today makes me hopeful, as does the increasing understanding of how small Earth is and how interconnected we all are.

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