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border Want to dive in and see how climate change actually works its mischief? Enter our Strange Days on Planet Earth Interactive House or check out some Tools You Can Use to investigate the inner workings of our Earth's complex and fascinating climate system.
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Tools You Can Use

Interactive House

Interactive House
Want to know how actions in and around your own home can impact global climate? Try out the Interactive House: The One Degree Factor and see!

Use these cool online tools to educate yourself on the causes, effects and solutions to the Global Climate Change problem.

Global Warming Kid's Site Off-site Link
This interactive site, presented by the Environmental Protection Agency, takes kids through an illustrated "journey" where global warming is explained in a more down to earth manner. There is also a global warming quiz.

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs Off-site Link
This site features an interactive world map that illustrates the local consequences of global warming. Curriculum materials are also available for high school teachers.

Greenhouse Gases Calculator Off-site Link
The Alliance for Climate Action presents an easy-to-use calculator to help homeowners determine how to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (also a calculator for businesses).

The Green Squad Off-site Link
The Green Squad teaches kids about the relationship between their schools and environmental and health issues. Kids help The Green Squad find environmental "problems" in seven different locations. A printable progress report is also available.

Your Carbon Diet
See what is draining energy in a typical New England house and learn how to make the home more energy efficient.

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