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border WHY SHOULD I CARE? Edward Norton
border You come inside on a hot summer's day and pour a refreshing glass of ice water. You think very little about turning on the shower, running the bath and cooking with water. You clean and garden with it and chances are, when you turn the tap, you probably take clean water for granted. It's always there — just when you need it. So why should you give water a second thought? Experts suggest that we should all be paying more attention to our water. It's a depleted resource and its purity is not always assured.
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5 Reasons Why You Should Care

Water Availability
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For a moment, consider yourself just an average American. According to a recent EPA report titled Water On Tap: What You Need To Know Off-site Link, you use about 90 gallons of water each day around the house for cooking, drinking, bathing and the like.

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