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border Want to dive in and see how pollutants can enter your waterways and what you can do to stem the tide? Enter our Strange Days on Planet Earth Interactive House or check out some Tools You Can Use.
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Tools You Can Use

Interactive House

Interactive House
Want to know how actions in and around your own home can impact your water? Try out the Interactive House: Troubled Waters and see!

Use these cool online tools to educate yourself on the causes, effects and solutions to the Water Contamination problem.

The Ocean Conservancy's Mercury Calculator Off-site Link
Interested in calculating how much mercury enters your system based on your diet? The Ocean Conservancy's Mercury Calculator helps you estimate your weekly intake of methyl-mercury, which has been known to increase the risk of neurological problems and birth defects.

Droplet and the Water Cycle Off-site Link
Join the adventures of Droplet, the water molecule, as he enters the great water cycle — condensation, precipitation, infiltration, runoff and evapotranspiration — and starts his journey home. Your task, as you play this game, is to get him safely through the forest, into the river and out to sea so that the sun can warm him once again and help him get back to the clouds.

Captain Bluegill's Water Quiz Off-site Link
Test your knowledge about drinking water. The answers may surprise you!

Pollution Scorecard Off-site Link
Enter your zip code and get a detailed report for pollutants in your community (covers air, water, chemicals and more). You can also see how your town stacks up against the rest of the United States.

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