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Michael Finds Values Matter Most
During High School I was part of a non-profit organization called A Better Chance. A Better Chance places academically gifted minority students into college preparatory schools. Students are either placed into independent day schools, independent boarding schools or public school programs. I attended a public school program in CT.

The support that I received from my parents and the A Better Chance board was what really helped me through the college process. They provided me with guidance and a focus as to what types of schools to apply to and where to set my standards.

With all of their support, in choosing a school, my decision really came down to what school provided me with the most financial aid. I consider myself very fortunate to have landed a Jesuit school because of their commitment to education accompanied with a strong sense of morality and service.

In looking at colleges, I would really advise students to think about what values they hold close to themselves and to try and find a college that they feel will help foster these values. This will turn out to be much more important than a schoolís geographical location or a schoolís prestigious name.

What college has done for me is to lay a foundation from where I can build a sense of self. When I look to the future I ask myself, what kind of person do I want to become. In these past three years I have really come to understand the importance of this question and a life direction to follow.

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