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Matthew and Howard Greene
Matthew Greene (L) and Howard Greene (R) on the set of Ten Steps to College with the Greenes.

College Admission for Homeschoolers
Being homeschooled should not limit students' options.

Disabled Students and College

Students with physical or learning disabilities, or attention disorders, face unparalleled access to higher education in America today.

College Transfer Admissions
Good news – transfer admission is not only possible, but sometimes even preferable.

GED and College Admissions
Almost every college and university in the country accepts the General Educational Development (GED) in place of a standard high school diploma.

International Students Thrive in America
Enrollment of international students has continued to climb in the U.S., even after the events of September 11, 2001.

College as a Foundation for Graduate School

As the number of students earning undergraduate degrees increases, a graduate degree is becoming ever more important as a professional calling card and career foundation.

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