Produced and Directed by

Seth Kramer

Daniel A. Miller

Jeremy S. Newberger

Written by

Daniel A. Miller


Seth Kramer

Jeremy S. Newberger


Daniel A. Miller


Anne Barliant

Seth Kramer

Main Titles

Bombastic, Inc.

Additional Animation

Quality Schnallity, Inc.

Original Music

Brian Hawlk

Additional Music

Nathan Lanier

Music Supervisor

Brooke Wentz


Daniel B. Greenberg

Production Associates

Julia M. Finn

Jennifer Jacobs

Field Producer

Peter Shaplen

Additional Photography

Joaquin A. Marquez

Additional Sound

Paul Folger

Sound Editor

Deborah Wallach

Sound Mixer

James David Redding III




Getty Images

TV Today Network Limited

Beware of the Boys (Mundian to Bach Ke)

Performed by Punjabi MC

Written by Rajinder Rai, Glen Larson, Stu Phillips & Labh Janjua

Courtesy of Sequence Records, LLC

Soundz of the Des

Performed by Punjabi MC

Written by Rajinder Rai

Courtesy of Sequence Records, LLC


Written by Gogol Bordello & Eugene Hutz

Performed by Gogol Bordello

Courtesy of Side One Dummy Records

Bhangra Fever

Written by Gaurav Raina & Tapan Raj

Performed by MIDIval PunditZ

Courtesy of Six Degrees Records

by Arrangement with Ocean Park Music Group

La Rama

Written and performed by Eliseo Parra

Courtesy of Harmonia Mundi Iberica S.A.

Allahyaso Remix

Written and performed by Open Door Orchestra

Courtesy of Open Door Orchestra


Written and performed by Kaki King

Courtesy of Epic Music

By arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Dumbala Dumba

Written by Sapo Perapaskero

Performed by Taraf des Haidouks

Courtesy of Crammed Disc Ltd


Composed and performed by Abraham Bojorquez

Fusil, Metralla

Composed and performed by Ronald Bautista

and Abraham Bojorquez

Wila Masis Mayacht Asinani

Composed and performed by Ronald Bautista

and Abraham Bojorquez

Tupak Katari

Composed and performed by Abraham Bojorquez

Special Thanks To

Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival

Gregory D. S. Anderson

Anthony Aristar

Daryl Baldwin

Juliette Blevins

Robert Blust

Andrei Filchenko

Victoriano Gallo

James Herbert

K. David Harrison

Leanne Hinton

Bob Hirshon

Hotel Radisson & Convention Center,

La Paz, Bolivia

Valentine Kass

Wesley Y. Leonard

Living Tongues Institute for

Endangered Languages

Dina S. Miller

Amanda Miller-Ockhuizen

Manideepa Patnaik

Susan D. Penfield

Paula Radetzky

Nämaka Rawlins

RMC Research Corporation

Bonny Sands

Gene Searchinger

Lika Serratos

Swarthmore College

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in

New York

Douglas H. Whalen

Pila Wilson

Peter Wittenburg

Akira Y. Yamamoto

Kristen and Lillian Kramer

Mindy M. Krazmien, Sander J. and

Asa R. Miller

Michele, Samson, and Annabelle Newberger

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